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It passed the assessment by the Ministry of Education as one of the “Excellent Universities for Undergraduate Education” and won the provincial award for its outstanding performance.

A chart recorder is an instrument used to record various process and electrical signals.

The most traditional chart recorders record data on paper.

The paper is passed under a pen and the pen is deflected in proportion to the signal. Chart recorders are available in single or multichannel styles (single or multipen) and in various configurations.

Many of today's chart recorders can also record information in a digital format for download to a computer.

It has 6 post-doctoral research stations, 5 primary Ph. Jiangsu University is strongest at engineering, one of its five chief fields: engineering, medicine, science, management and humanities. program, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, is the sole national key program that features pump researching.

It cultivated the first batch of postgraduates and the first doctor on agricultural machinery in China. Its Farm Products Processing Engineering program is the first Ph. program in its field in China and its Vehicle Engineering the fourth.

In recent years, for example, conventional analog chart recorders have hybridized with data loggers, and PC-based functions have been added to most of the product categories.