Start Dating a widower with teenage children

Dating a widower with teenage children

I've been seeing a widower too, who has 3 grown children.

Look for opportunities to say complimentary things about her mother.

For example, at dinner, you might say something like " Your dad says your mom made the best lasagna he ever ate." She may still say something a cool like " He won't eat ANYONE else's lasagna!

I'm sure she loved her mother, but to deny her father happiness and resent ANY woman in his life is juvenile.

All you can do is just continue to be friendly, but do NOT martyr yourself.

If she is downright rude, speak to your male friend about it and ask him to handle it.

There is NEVER any excuse for cruelty or rudeness!!!

" Respond just as if she had said something perfectly pleasant. Its not fair for him to ask you to be in that situation and then not help you when it occurs. Its tough but knowing how you want to deal with it in advance is a big help.

Or maybe, if you hear a song, you can say, " Your dad says that was his & your mother's song." Basically, you're acknowledging to her that you know her mother was the only woman for him as long as she lived, and I'm guessing some kind of reassurance that he isn't forgetting her mother is what she needs. My wife would always say "don't put me in the middle of this". As a daughter who lost her Mom to an Intracranial Hemorrhage without any warning at age 20 with a 16 yr old brother I can give you a small window to the other side.

I don't mind because I love him and he is good and decent.

BUT, I don't know how to handle the issue with the daughter.

But I did avoid her and had as little contact as possible.