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A photographer working on a story threw a camera around Ward’s neck and set it to shoot a stream of pictures as Ward hurtled down a hill near the city’s touristy Pioneer Square.

“I’m requesting these records for doing my own analysis for picking videos to request,” the man wrote in an email obtained by The Seattle Times.

Later, he told me, “I just wanted to watch and let other people watch footage.”In most parts of the world, such a demand would be met by a polite refusal.

In December the DOJ warned the SPD that in-car video and body cameras are “necessary and vital evidentiary records that must be available to resolve controversies and increase community trust.”Seattle is hardly unique in its policing controversies or its growing troves of sensitive data.

After civil unrest following the recent death of a black man in police custody, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called on the Department of Justice to investigate the city’s police department for “unconstitutional practices” including excessive force and discrimination.

Considering that most clips are at least 10 minutes long, [email protected]’s demand represented thousands of person-years, and hundreds of millions of dollars, of work.

“There was no way we could redact that much data within our lifetimes,” says Wagers.

Faced with a similar request from the mysterious activist, another Washington police department, in Bremerton, swiftly shelved its plans to put body cams on the streets.

But the political fall-out from such a move in Seattle would be devastating.

“We had this enormous request that we couldn’t possibly fulfill with current technology,” he tells me. ”Police body cameras are a relatively new phenomenon.

Steve Ward claims to have come up with the idea as a Seattle mountain bike cop in 1997.

“It was like a DDOS attack,” remembers Mike Wagers, Seattle PD’s Chief Operating Officer.

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