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Other age dating game dornick

get married, and he is free to come back and see you any time he likes.***I will go back and put all of the ending difficulties at another date.

Have tried Other Age before, and have spent years of my life googling for other otome games - but no luck. I even got the 2 secret guys but you'll have to ask me in PM on how to grab those two You're welcome =) nummyz primarily focuses her attention on her writing in fictionpress, and turns some of her stories into dating simulations. You start off with one, and if you get high enough affection with others by clicking on them every day, you can capture that guy.

Her games are excellent for killing some time, and good for a laugh unexpectedly. The art is really pretty~ The game seems so interesting, so i have registered for it already! even they don't have Yuuya-san, Kishio-san, or Ishikawa-san.

A few spoilers: Prince Yumbrad = Casino, slot machine minigame.

Dornick = 1-1 Library, Prime Suspect, body of Reda closer look, Talk to Witnesses, Crime Scene: Click Blank Wall to Left of Cosy Chair, follow Chocomaru black cat, Nobody is the murderer. Neody = Forest, (hints: magic compass in Neody's tile, treasure map 1S, water bottle far NW, fire crystal far South, fish = smaller fish to far NE, use stick to get healing berries far SW). )The art is cute and the idea of a mini-game in a dating sim is a neat one; unfortunately the enjoyment was lost when I kept hitting dead ends with the minigames. Go back to the Prime Suspect and tell him you found something again.

Actully I've already tried them but i couldn't get all the ending so I'll try again. The guy with the headphones (Ryuuji) strangely reminds me of the guy in The World Ends With You, which is so immensely popular that I have not managed to obtain a copy of it yet.

I think online Otome games are REALLY hard to find. I had a hard time googling "dating sim" until I found nummyz. showtopic=558I've found all the guys and finished their quests/endings. XD I should try this soon, megane-kun loks muchly megane-y. The title of the web page seems to confirm that it is so... It's not like you go through a set story and try to capture a certain guy XD Actually, on there you can get all four of them.

For me, i think it's rare for web-based online game to have voices and also this game's seiyuu aren't bad. The game play is easy but you have to communicate with other people, so i'm going to try to make friends there... [mostly English but also Japanese sometimes] ...[Thai only] ...[Thai only] ...[Thai Neoromance Community]