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Other age dating game dornick

Have tried Other Age before, and have spent years of my life googling for other otome games - but no luck. I even got the 2 secret guys but you'll have to ask me in PM on how to grab those two You're welcome =) nummyz primarily focuses her attention on her writing in fictionpress, and turns some of her stories into dating simulations. You start off with one, and if you get high enough affection with others by clicking on them every day, you can capture that guy.

Lenz = Library, quiz minigame easy 1-1-2-3-2 medium 1-1-3-2-3 hard 3-2-3-1-3. first of all the grammar had flaws but this is negated by the author apologizing in the description.

as long as he doesn't refuse anything, wins pretty quickly).

Actually, i wanted to tell you the cheat of the game, but I have to respect Zeiva inc. ♥ :) Designer: Audiee-kewgirl♥ Bascodes : kathleen image : enakei,photobucket Brushes : Deviantart Why did you leave me ?