Start Okcupid online dating quiz

Okcupid online dating quiz

I think the quizzes are a big reason why OKC has become such a success, since they managed to find a way to advertise to so many idle bloggers wanting to put some neat quiz results on their journals.

That way it would be easier to add in an option for asexuals, and they could also configure it so that we would be able to search for each other. Obviously, you can write about it in your profile (which I’d recommend if you’re not worried about outing yourself to people you know in real life–otherwise you can just tell people using the messaging system).

This is good news for little-known sexual orientations and anyone who practices alternative relationship styles.

And because the site is so well-known, we can get some free awareness-spreading done just by trying to score ourselves a date. OVERALL RATING: 9/10 If you’re ONLY looking to date a fellow asexual, you may not like OKC.

With time, it will probably grow more and more asexual-friendly, too.