Start Okcupid online dating quiz

Okcupid online dating quiz

Mainly known for its dating site, Ok Cupid, is an American application, based on quizzes, offered by the users themselves.

This is good news for little-known sexual orientations and anyone who practices alternative relationship styles.

And because the site is so well-known, we can get some free awareness-spreading done just by trying to score ourselves a date. OVERALL RATING: 9/10 If you’re ONLY looking to date a fellow asexual, you may not like OKC.

If you do a WTF report with that person, you can see exactly what they answered and decide whether you want to message the person or not.

It has a ton of advantages over other dating sites, and is flexible enough to accomodate all manner of people.

You have to realize that this is being used as an indicator of , not as an indicator of sexuality.

The sexuality is simply assumed, because everyone is assumed to have a sexuality, and of course that’s stupid, but that’s not really what this is about.

I know I already mentioned this, but I think it’s just that important to mention again.