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The Mianas of Mianwali are descendants of this holy man.

one third area of Mianwali district is comprises of thal desert.

the biggest towns of arraid thal are mari shah sakhira and noor pur thal.

The population of Mianwali according to the 1901 census of India was 3,591 In November 1901, the North-West Frontier Province was carved out of Punjab and the towns of Mianwali, Isa Khel, Kalabagh, and Kundian were separated from Bannu District (Bannu became part of NWFP) and hence a new district was made with the headquarters in Mianwali city and placed in Punjab. There were four tehsils namely Mianwali, Isa Khel, Bhakkar, and Layyah.