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I chose Christ because I am convinced that one day I will experience the Beatific Vision, and it will be glorious.

Then sexual sin happened (over a month into what I told myself was a friendship), and I admitted to myself that things had gone wrong.

I also conveniently happened to read the cantos about lust in Purgatorio. I saw what was wrong, the desires of my heart were all out of whack.

I bottled them up and didn’t talk to any spiritual leaders about them.

To be fair to myself, I had no reason to believe that any spiritual mentors would have been good to talk to about this. I went to a top secular university because I wanted to be an emissary for Christianity.

In Dante, sinners–and we are all sinners–are those who love the wrong things, or who love the right things in the wrong way.” “The pilgrim Dante’s journey teaches him that the source of all the chaos and misery is disordered desire.

If everyone, including himself, loved as they should love, they would love God more than they loved themselves and their passions.

Nevertheless, however you want to deal with it semantically, I experience sexual and romantic attraction towards both men and women, but probably more towards men than women).