Start Drupal 7 updating image styles

Drupal 7 updating image styles

/** * Form submission handler for system_file_system_settings(). * * @return * An image style array containing the following keys: * - "isid": The unique image style ID. * - "effects": An array of image effects within this image style. * * @param array $style * An image style array containing: * - isid: The unique image style ID that contains this image effect.

The feature to set prvstyle in php, to generate thumbs with an image style preset is a great feature I'd used in D6 and 7.

* * @param $style_name * The name of the image style.

* @param $uri * The URI of the image for this style, for example as returned by * image_style_path().

* * @param $style_name * The name of the style to be used with this image. * * @return * The absolute URL where a style image can be downloaded, suitable for use * in an /** * Generates a token to protect an image style derivative.

* * This prevents unauthorized generation of an image style derivative, * which can be costly both in CPU time and disk space.

* @param $dimensions * Dimensions to be modified - an array with components width and height, in * pixels.

*//** * Returns the URL for an image derivative given a style and image path.

* * @return * An eight-character token which can be used to protect image style * derivatives against denial-of-service attacks.