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Weisler coral dating

“Petrologic Evaluation of Artifact Material from Norfolk Island.” The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island.

Introduction The spread of the Polynesians and Micronesians into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean is one of the great dramas of human history. “Skeletal Remains from Grave 608, Norfolk Island.” The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island.

Beginning over 3,000 years ago, people began to spill out of the island chains of Indonesia, Melanesia and the Philippines into the scattered atolls and volcanic islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The last places to be reached were in the southwest Pacific, and in the far eastern Pacific.

The first settlers arrived between 400 and 800 years ago from New Zealand, with a stop-over at the Kermadec Islands…” Diamond, J. “Why Did the Polynesians Abandon Their Mystery Islands?

However, as we understand more about prehistoric pressures on island ecosystems, we are getting a clearer perspective. “Differential Reliability of 14C AMS Ages of Rattus Exulans Bone Gelatin in South Pacific Prehistory.” Journal of The Royal Society of New Zealand 30.3 (2000): 243-261.

Polynesian populations tended to peak within several generations of island settlement, then declined as their environments deteriorated.

Some of the “mystery islands” include Necker and Nihoa Islands, northwest of Hawaii; Walpole, near New Caledonia; Pitcairn and Henderson in the eastern Pacific; Palmerston and Suwarrow in the Cook Islands; the Bonin Islands, 600 miles south of Japan; and several of the Phoenix and Line Islands in the central Pacific. “Prehistoric Settlement on Norfolk Island and its Oceanic Context.” The Prehistoric Archaeology of Norfolk Island, Southwest Pacific.