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I know people exaggerate but I swear on all that is this life: he had a magnificent cock.

I want to pay homage to this man's fantastic physique.

During the course of our relationship, I had picked up weight and wore my hair very short. Suddenly, he gripped the neck of my tee shirt and pulled- it was ripped from my body and he guided me to the ground.

I was choking a little but he pulled back enough to let me breathe.

Finally, when the time was right, we came together. He was naturally structured in that classic broad shoulder, small waist way.

He had lovely hazel eyes, cinnamon skin, and was tall. He slapped the outside of my pussy lightly for screaming.

artist's hands, long fingers that knew all the right places. He worshiped my body: ass, tits, waist, legs, pussy, and hips. Together, we discovered how much we were into tying each other up, rough sex, and playing with power dynamics. Once we arrived at our destination, he proceeded to strip me. Before I knew what happened, my jeans were gone as well as my panties. He bit my hip bones eliciting moans and a small scream from my throat.

The pleasure made him grip my wrists while I pushed back against him.