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In March 2009, he arranges plans for Peggy Mitchell's (Barbara Windsor) wedding to Archie Mitchell (Larry Lamb), and also conducts Amy Mitchell's christening in April and May 2009. Stevens is also seen in March, conducting Bradley Branning's (Charlie Clements) funeral.

In December 2008, he returns, after Dot donates a substantial amount of money to have the church roof repaired.

He feels it is his need to investigate whether Dot has donated from her own life savings but she does not want to make a fuss.

He is also central to the Get Johnny Week storyline, in which Grant and Phil Mitchell (Ross Kemp and Steve Mc Fadden) attempt to confront Johnny over his past misdemeanours.

But it is his daughter's boyfriend, Sean Slater (Robert Kazinsky), who proves to be Johnny's most serious threat.

When Stevens visits Rose to invite her out, he finds that she has spent the night with Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker). In May 2012, he speaks to Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) about their upcoming wedding, as Janine has decided on a church wedding for them.

Michael tells Stevens that Janine is Jewish and has had three previous husbands, and Janine decides against the church wedding as a result.

Johnny Allen, played by Billy Murray, first appears in January 2005, and is the father of Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton).