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Illicit affairs dating

Illicit Encounters is the premier website for affairs in the UK, with no other affairs website coming close to their 850,000 naughty members from both sexes.

And, yet, sex constantly gets people in legal trouble…not to speak of other types of trouble.

You should always write a policy that conforms to your firm’s other employee policies, and HR should confer with the firm’s legal counsel in all matters such as this.

1) Conduct in the workplace: The workplace is a professional environment, and employees should behave in such a manner, which precludes any type of physical conduct between a couple.

Consider these facts (according to Career and the Huffington Post) when deciding whether your office needs a policy: Define your terms Within the boundaries of the law, every firm should determine its own definition of an office relationship.

Even if the office prohibits them, employees need to know what precisely is prohibited.

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The rules need to apply fairly to all couples no matter their sexual orientation, race, or other factors such as age (as long as no one is a minor—and you can never be too clear about this if you have interns).