Start Dangers of dating a sociopath

Dangers of dating a sociopath

When in power, they typically use their animosity to keep others in line.

In other words they are real sharks, endlessly seeking the prey to fill their emotional emptiness with possessions, be they things or other people.

See some information about Hillary Clinton as guide In this respect, what matter for us is the fact that both authoritarians and psychopath of various "denominations" are really dangerous predators of corporate jungles in general and IT jungles in particular.

And they blend extremely well into the current environment within government and mega corporations.

As all of them there is one important encompassing feature: predation.

Most individuals in modern societies are caught up in the perpetual struggle of striking a balance between pursuing their own interests and respecting others' rights.

We will mostly be talking about sociopath, while not always adhering to suggested terminology. If you are reading this page, you probably have problems with your boss or family member, or co-worker. Actually the situation is bad, and you are really trapped, but it is not inescapable situation. As old saying goes "Knowledge is power" and this is the area where this saying is literally true.

Learning the ropes can help to find a way to escape, find way to defend yourself and your dignity, and to lessen the current pain.

In addition to violence between intimate partners: Domestic violence can happen to anyone, at any age, no matter what race or religion people are, no matter what their level of education is or how much money they make. It is a common form of violent behavior and is a major problem in the United States. After abuse starts, it usually gets worse if you don't take steps to stop it.