Start Dangers of dating a sociopath

Dangers of dating a sociopath

See some information about Hillary Clinton as guide In this respect, what matter for us is the fact that both authoritarians and psychopath of various "denominations" are really dangerous predators of corporate jungles in general and IT jungles in particular.

According to some data sociopaths represent around three to five percent of our population.

Most of them belong to so called non-violent, non-criminal type. The term psychopaths should probably be reserved for those sociopaths who are the violent, serial killer, ruthless predator types.

The distinction line is fuzzy but still very important.

In addition to violence between intimate partners: Domestic violence can happen to anyone, at any age, no matter what race or religion people are, no matter what their level of education is or how much money they make. It is a common form of violent behavior and is a major problem in the United States. After abuse starts, it usually gets worse if you don't take steps to stop it.