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Sex chat boxes

I just found out recently that I could get a great kick out of the little thing.

The pads and conducting rings around the **** are good but the greatest for me was the anal probe. The past few days have been a bit of a pain, literally.

I have a tens unit that I connect to my **** and balls.

The feeling as you shoot electrical current thru your **** and balls is amazing!

I remember putting a small flashlight bulb in a standard lamp socket and watching the blue sparks fly.

And for some reason, as I got older, I started getting curious about what it would feel like going through my body...

I put an electric butt plug up my ***** and an electric sound in my ureathea. I came like never before but I paid for it in some intense pain. I have just begun playing around with e-stim and so far it has been really great.

I have only a beginners Zeus kit but I can tell there can be so much more to this.

I have done this using the speaker wires of a receiver and the white noise between stations for sensations. tens units are not powerful enough for ******, tho if used with very erotic...