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Hayden milo still dating

Monica Quartermaine for birth control pills so that she could sleep with him.

Laura is the daughter of medical professor, Gordon Grey and his former student, Lesley Williams.

Lesley believed Laura died at birth until she learned that she was being raised by Jason and Barbara Vining.

The entire town throws a magnificent wedding for the heroes at the mayor's mansion.

The couple marry on November 16th, 1981 with 30 million viewers tuning in.

Laura refuses to name her rapist and Laura somehow forgives him in a letter.

Scott finds the letter and punches Luke just before his wedding to Jennifer Smith. They then run off together and fall in love in the process.

Bobbie began scheming to break up Scott and Laura and brought her brother Luke Spencer into her schemes.

When trying to get Laura to break her probation and sent to reform school didn't work, Bobbie tried faking a pregnancy in order to get Scott to marry her.

Since the crime was accidental, Laura was given six months probation.

During Laura's troubles with David Hamilton, Scotty had started sleeping with Bobbie Spencer and Bobbie was now stunned to find herself cast aside in favor of Laura.

In a fit of anger, Laura pushed David and he fell and hit his head on a statue and died.