Start Sugarland are they dating

Sugarland are they dating

The song was written four years ago and inspired by Reba Mc Entire’s “Whoever’s in New England,” which was written from the perspective of a wife whose husband is cheating on her.

“Kristen Hall is definitely one of those people that I felt have helped raise the bar for me as a writer,” said Clark about their co-writing sessions. She really knows how to corral a great idea and a great thought into something that sounds like a smash.

She’s really talented at a lot of fun to hang out with.

Were she to release a full-length under her own name, her decades of musical experience would probably translate pretty well.

(who’s still in the band) created Sugarland, later adding Nettles as a lead singer.

The suit was settled for a whopping $14 million in Nov. Besides the 2008 EP, country music hasn’t heard much from Kristen Hall.

She did help co-write songs from Courtney Jaye’s 2013 album .

Sugarland’s “Stay” is the first of the duo’s chart-topping songs to solely be written by singer Jennifer Nettles.