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If we don’t take this Jew-run federal police force down NOW then we’ll all be hauled off to their FEMA camps.

Thus the infiltration of Israel into the affairs of the European/American infrastructure has now been solidified.

Is it any wonder then that both Europe and America have The NATO Council, which groups the Foreign Ministers of the Alliance of 26 countries from North America & Europe, is in effect opening their doors for sharing privileged intelligence with Israel, increasing the number of joint NATO-Israel military exercises, connecting Israel electronically to the NATO system, and improving cooperation in the areas of armament and logistics.

They share their sexual exploits through amateur films with masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse.

Israeli-American collaboration with 200 Israeli security-related companies fully engaged and participating in the Project.

The main protagonist "Benj I" is (as usual) torn between two lovers, a hot girl he just broke up (Sonja Martin), who shows up at the resort with her family to meet her new wealthy fiancée, and another hot girl (Sissi Liebold) who is pursuing him. One area where this film definitely does succeed is that the girls in this are really attractive (although only one of the three males is) and they manage to efficiently get pretty much all of them completely naked, the one exception strangely being Sybille Rauch (as a hotel guest with a big dog), who had the most racy scenes in the earlier "Hot Bubblegum: Lemon Popsicle 3" and who would become a hardcore porn star that same year!

His two friends try to help him out by kidnapping and tying up the fiancée and taking his hot-to-trot pursuer off his hands. Generally though, if the early entries in this series resemble the sexual frustration and adolescent angst of "The Last American Virgin" (which was basically a modern-day American remake of these films), this film resembles a lot of Golan-Globus American sex comedies of the mid to late 80's like "Hot Resort", "Private Resort", "Hot Chili", etc.

They go beyond the traditional tourist sites as the political realities that affect Palestinians and Israelis are explored.

Participants witness the situation on both sides of the divide and travel to different geographical areas.

But he crashes the car onto a tree; now they need the money for the repair costs.

Thus they search for jobs in a beach hotel where there are a lot of good looking young girls...

This is one of the last films of the (somewhat) famous Israeli "Lemon Popsicle" series.