Start On validating simulation models of missile systems

On validating simulation models of missile systems

A few credit hours from courses in aerospace studies, military science, or naval science may be applied toward graduation in lieu of certain required or elective courses. Presentation and discussion of technical and professional paper reports. Discussion of topics such as ethics, registration, interviewing, professional societies, personal planning.

Each engineering degree program includes courses in 5 general areas of study: The computer science degree program has a similar structure, but computer science courses replace some engineering courses. Course will cover the fundamentals of engineering wind-powered electric generators. Theory and design of inlets, compressors, burners and turbines.

Many graduates are CEOs of major companies or enter fields like medicine or law.

The mission of the school is to provide students a high-quality educational experience, to generate and apply knowledge through research, development, and scholarly activity, and to serve society, the state of Kansas, and the engineering profession.

Penta Research has a wide range of experience in the area of modeling and simulation.

We use an ever-evolving modeling approach to provide analysis and support through all stages of weapon system development.

In accordance with this mission and with KU’s mission, all undergraduate engineering programs and the computer science program must meet these objectives.

Additional objectives are specified in program descriptions. Topics include applications of generalized forces and coordinates, Lagrange equations, and a study of the performance of single and multiple degree of freedom in vibrational systems.

Graduation requirements and regulations for every academic program are provided in this catalog.