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In late 2003, insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq had caused issues for the agency with their use of “high powered cordless phones”, which could be used to denotate IEDs as well as for communication.

While Japan houses and part-funds three NSA bases on its territory and shares access to tools like XKEYSCORE, the US agency also spies on the Japanese government and institutions.

NSA programmes housed in Japan include GHOSTHUNTER, which identifies locations of internet users in the Middle East and North Africa and is used to facilitate drone strikes.

Source documents: PHANTOM PARROT FININT Tasking Related article: Airport Police Demanded An Activist’s Passwords. Now He Faces Prison In The UK, by Ryan Gallagher, 23 September 2017 in the A 2011 report from CSEC describes how a group of hackers codenamed MAKERS MARK, who were believed to be associated with Russia regularly compromised “really well designed” systems for obscuring their identity by logging into personal accounts.