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Thus, hands-on investigations of rocks from terrestrial impact craters, shock experimentation for pressure and temperature calibration of impact-related deformation of rocks and minerals, as well as parameter studies pertaining to the physics and chemistry of cratering and ejecta formation and emplacement, and laboratory studies of impact-generated lithologies are mandatory tools.

Here, we review the current status of knowledge about impact cratering – and provide a detailed account of the African impact record, which has been expanded vastly since a first overview was published in 1994.

No less than 19 confirmed impact structures, and one shatter cone occurrence without related impact crater are now known from Africa.

This work may provide a reference volume for those workers who would like to search for impact craters and their ejecta in Africa.

, which traces the life and Aids-related death of Soviet dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev, had been pulled just two days before its scheduled premiere in July.

We don’t manufacture telephones and rockets keep falling out of the sky, but our homophobia is flying high.” Pecheykin recalls the day Serebrennikov told him about the fate of at the Gogol Centre.

I remember what he said: ‘I’ve just come from a play that won’t happen to a play that doesn’t exist’.” On Saturday night the production did finally make it to stage.

The terrestrial impact record represents only a small fraction of the bombardment history that Earth experienced throughout its evolution.

While remote sensing investigations of planetary surfaces provide essential information about surface evolution and surface processes, they do not provide the information required for understanding the ultra-high strain rate, high-pressure, and high-temperature impact process.

The real issue, he says, was that Serebrennikov stood out as the “only” director prepared to stage “provocative, independent, tolerant works” and to “cover the full range of human sexuality”.

The investigations around Gogol Centre and the cancellation of July’s premiere at the Bolshoi are “obviously linked” by homophobia, insists Pecheykin: “It’s Russia’s best export.

State investigators accuse him of embezzling 68m roubles (£850,000).