Start Ps3 restarts itself when updating game

Ps3 restarts itself when updating game

I previously had a Play Station 3 and a Xbox 360 connected in the same spot the Play Station 4 is in right now with no problems at all, modem/router is in the same place as well.

to test power i usually would plug directly into wall outlet bypassing power bar, switch to a wall socket thats on a different circuit and/or switch out the power adapter, for capacitors i would try to find a bad cap on the board but a bad one is not always visible.

i always tell people that are having issues w/their hardware(what ever it may be) to try another plug and/or wall outlet, always start w/the simplest even though it seems implausible not necessarily but dont rule out the ac adaptermodem is more sensitive to powerdepends if ps4 is making router work harder either through dl's or wifi use, if so it needs more powerlike i said start with the simplest/easiest solutions in troubleshooting the reboots as its usually power u dont want to bother what can i say but buy a new routeri have seen older routers restart due to, to many connections from things like torrents and I guess it could also be effected from online games (Multiple connections) First thing I would try is update the firmware on the router.

PS3 Obviously there's not much interest in this game here at OS but if anyone wants to talk...