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I kissed dating goodbye rebecca st james

Using Scripture, pop culture, and her own experience as a point of reference, Rebecca paints a relevant and appealing picture of the value of waiting. James addresses the questions Christian teens have about where purity begins, modesty, relationships, sex, dating/courting, marriage and how they are all gifts from God that should not to be abused with.

While some parts address people of either gender, others seem to be only for young women.

Despite that flaw, it's still worth reading for Christian singles.

thats really how it works when your heart is not guarded, when the standards aren't set, it all turns in to a mess.

this book will help you to recover and to forgive from past mistakes and if you haven't gone that far yet, to help you learn fri loved this book!

She gives examples of people's stories and what others have experienced as they have had sex outside of marriage.

She also meets those thate already gave away their virginity, and gives the truth that they too can experience the hope and power that God can give them and the forgiveness that can ease their heart, soul, and mind as they struggle to forgive themselves and others. James delivers a beautiful message of learning to dream again... Because God's plan for romance is so much more amazing than we could ever imagine!!

And I'm hoping to watch the music video for "Wait for Me" soon. After reading it I must admit it really does carry a great message! James does a good job of showing what singles can do while they are not in a relationship.

I would recommend all young adults should read it before they start dating. It also helps you to understand how easy going with your feelings can be, but what kind of outcomes may result from that. She gives practical ways for you to prepare yourself for being a husband or wife.

She gives real-life examples about each topic, shows Bible references and writes without being legalistic.

I learned from reading her book that God's commands aren't there to deny us something grand, but to show our sin and point to the One who left Heaven to be born on earth in poor estate, who was scorned by the ones he came to save, endured the wrath of God and curse of our sin on the Cross.

James is no different, as demonstrated by her hit song "Wait for Me." But while Rebecca shares the same desires as other young people, her resolve to remain sexually pure until marriage is not as common in our society.