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But natural gas – CNG- and LPG are both readily available and inexpensive here." Alfredo is exploring the the possibility of a retrofit for some D8H/K models if he can find G342 engines. The Murray Ripper shown in the pictures reminds me very much of the early Le Tourneau designed pull type rippers still in use here in Idaho. While Otto and Lillie are not the traditional "Grimy Man" they know how things work in their world and ours, and they are people who do not "jump to conclusions". A joint effort between the University of Michigan and the University of Sheffield has resulted in Worldmapper.

A Grimy Man is perfectly capable of fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Take care in comparing and evaluating any part you receive or order from anyone, yep, even me!

Even when the utmost of care is taken, parts get miss-stocked and put into incorrect boxes, or a simple typo, changing a number, can throw things off. ) A Wabco and an Oil Filter searchable database are currently being worked on and will be added.

Smelling of diesel, gasoline, or being covered with dirt does NOT make you a Grimy Man.