Start Catholic christian dating

Catholic christian dating

Trust in the Lord and His timing, knowing that He will fulfill the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).

He was cute, but sort of a jerk, until we met up again after my first year of college. Which in my unformed mind was sort of like being a Protestant. We would attend Mass with his family sometimes and attend church with mine on other days. Issues of where we would be married, and who would officiate our wedding, and how we would raise our children suddenly needed to be hashed out.

We attend Mass and worship and praise God together as a family.

(You can read more here about how faith impacts my married life).

While dating Brian, I got to see the real beauty in dating someone that had the same values and faith that I was striving for.

Relationships are never easy, but when you’re both able to trust in God and share your faith, you gain so much.

Dating a practicing Catholic, someone who is in love with the Lord, can definitely help you do that.

Our lives should be centered around the Sacraments and prayer, and getting to have your significant other by your side for those things is a huge plus.

It is God’s love whose endures forever (Psalm 136).