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That’s a drop in the ocean of Miami’s luxury market.

Paulo Octávio was indicted on corruption charges in 2012.

He did not agree to a request for comment from the Miami Herald, relayed through Julio Barbosa, the lawyer who handled the dealings with MF, although he did speak with the Brazilian news media in advance of publication and provide tax records showing his dealings were properly reported.

In Manhattan, where real estate is more expensive and where foreign buyers also flock, the threshold is $3 million. Brazilian businessman and media mogul investigated for allegedly getting an insider deal on government land, fixing gasoline prices.

Paid $2.7 million for two condos at Trump Tower I and II in Sunny Isles Beach.

It requires that real-estate title agents identify the true, or “beneficial,” owners behind shell companies and disclose their names to the federal government.

In Miami-Dade, the rules apply to homes sold for $1 million or more.

“You’ve got so much real estate being bought and sold in South Florida. Jose Roberto Arruda of Brasília (left) was forced to resign when federal police filmed him accepting what they said was a bribe.

It’s easy to hide in plain sight.” Take Octávio, a dentist’s son who built a fortune developing shopping malls and hotels in Brazil and married the granddaughter of a former Brazilian president before launching his own political career. Several other of Arruda and Octavio's associates were filmed taking alleged bribes, including Leonardo Prudente, a former state representative shown here stuffing his jacket (top right) and socks (bottom right) with cash. Jose Roberto Arruda was arrested a few months later, Octávio replaced him. The newly minted governor didn’t appear in the videos and denied the allegations, but he resigned anyway. The next year, Octávio’s Miami lawyer asked Mossack Fonseca — which has recently been implicated in a bombshell Brazilian corruption scandal — to set up Mateus 5.

But the secrecy that surrounds those companies makes it easy and tempting to break the law. Those deals are considered suspicious because a) the real buyers can hide behind shell companies and b) banks aren’t involved in cash transactions, circumventing any checks for money laundering.

Cash deals accounted for 53 percent of all Miami-Dade home sales in 2015 — double the national average — and 90 percent of new construction sales, according to the Miami Association of Realtors.

“A property owned in the name of a shell company is not transparent,” said Jennifer Shasky Calvery, director of the U. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (Fin Cen), the Treasury agency behind the new policy.